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Facebook has become a great popular social networking site, it had succeeded in conquering various other social networking sites like Orkut, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster, many more. By January 2011, it has more than 600 million active users, thus attracting all other users. Users can create profiles with photos, list of personal interest, contact information, many more. It had also become a great source for businessmen to promote their products online. Everyday its user spend about an average of more than 2 hours. It had many awesome features which attracts users daily.

Facebook comes with many great features, which i will discussed later on my future post. In this post I have decided to cover something about Facebook Banner.

What exactly is Facebook Banner?
Facebook Banner is just a image which is located at the center of Facebook wall. Whenever you open any Facebook profile you will see that there is two images at the top, one which is profile image and the other which is a set of five different images. The set of five other images are Facebook Banners.

In a normal Facebook Profile you will find Facebook banner something like this:

But what if I do something like this:

You can easily get this type of banner. I have found two great sites which will do the work automatically.

Method 1:
If you want to upload you own photo then you can use this site Pic Scatter. Here you can upload your photo and customize your requirements and then hit on " Publish to Facebook". This method is easy, only you have to upload your photo and they will do the job.

Method 2:
I use this method myself, as this site have some ready-made stuff and awesome banner collection. For this just go to Facebook Banners. This site has many advantages. Here you can choose any image as per your choice or you can easily made a one for yourself. For making your own banner just go here. You can also add a background image, write your own text, prefer your desired colour, choose font, and many other categories, and finally upload it to your Facebook Profile

Hurrah!!! You have changed your boring banner to a new highly professionalized banner.

I hope that you will really like it. Please let me know if you really liked it by just passing your comments below.
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