New 'Save' Button For Facebook

Facebook’s undying quest to be your newspaper has seen it launch multiple News Feeds, the standalone Paper app, trending topics, and more. You’re not always able to stop what you’re doing and read what you discover, though. But now TechCrunch has learned Facebook is currently testing a read-it-later Save button on feed articles in the web News Feed that creates a section of bookmarked sites on your profile.

Future of Windows XP?

Despite so many warnings from Microsoft and Cyber Security Experts, Windows XP is still being used by a number of Government organizations, Financial institutions as well as big Corporations all around the world. If we look at the statistics then almost 30% of computers you will find that still run Windows XP, including banks, airline companies, and other huge enterprises, the count in real is likely to be even higher than the estimated.

Windows XP Support Will End

This time I had brought with an important news about Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is counting down the days until it is through with the Windows XP operating system for personal computers. The US software titan used a blog post to remind the world that in two years it will no longer support the generations-old operating system that people have clung to despite the releases of successors Vista and Windows 7.

Create A Run Command

Today, I'm going to share a simple trick about Windows Run utility. Do you use 'Run' in windows for opening your applications easily and fastly? Yes, you use it, if I am not wrong, because many of us use it, you put a already created command, hit enter and a the desired application opens. So, what you think? Want to create your own command? Ok, read on to find how to create one for your favorite applications.

Some Liked Operating System

People are very much familiar with several Operating Systems, technology and invention have been so far developed that people can as well use two or more Operating Systems in their system, day after day new new inventions are made, not only in the field of Computer but also in other fields, everyday, a new history is recorded. In Computer's, there are several Operating System, but which to use? Are you confused with this question? Well, the answer for this question depends on your needs, as per your choice, for this reason and all, i am publishing this post.

Virtually Run Another OS in your System

Have you ever thought of running another OS ( Operating System ) in your system simultaneously? You think it's not possible, am I right? Yes, I am right, you will never believe that it would be possible, but as we know everything is possible, then why can't this? So, for removing this thought from your mind and demonstrating a new idea about 'How to use another OS at the same time in your system', I am publishing this post.