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As we know, Facebook is always upgrading its features and all, some days ago, it had introduced a new side chat bar, which had replaced the old one. Its good to upgrade but sometimes these types of upgrade creates a bitterness among the people. This is because they can't get themselves suited with the new features and they were also much familiar with the old one. The new Facebook Chat Bar also is not liked by many, I by myself do not like it due to many reasons. So for this, I have published a post regarding this problem and it will surely help you.

There are two ways which I have founded by which you can get rid of this side chat-bar, these methods are temporary but still you can use it.

Method 1
This method involves the installation of a new extension in our browser, after which we can disable the new chat bar and return to the old good normal Facebook chat.

  • Firstly, visit here, you will find an extension with the name FB Chat Sidebar Disabler
  • Click on Add to Chrome
  • Wait for sometimes, to let it finished.
  • Then Reload your all Facebook page or restart Chrome
It was for Google Chrome User's, Mozilla Firefox and Opera User's can get this from

If you want to toggle between old style chat and new style chat, use the option menu from the buddy list.

Method 2
This method is also very pretty helpful, in this method we will use the old Facebook Popup chat. To use this follow the steps:

  • Visit Here.
  • You will see the list of all your friends in the left side, just click on the name and start your conversation.
  • Bookmark the site and whenever you Login to your Facebook account don't forget to open this.
Thats all, you can also use other application for chatting with your buddies like ChitChat, Adium, Meebo, many more. You can find one here.
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Anonymous said...

How to add facebook like button ,tweet button & share button to my blog.

Shadab said...

@Anonymous Visit here

Hope this will surely help you.....

Anonymous said...

great looking blog you have! really enjoy it! hope u return the visit and do the same..
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kira666 said...

wats the use of this trick plss

Joomla developers said...


Lots of online resource providing codes for adding these button on the site. Try it!

Girin Jackson said...

Hey thanks for sharing this info, I know many peoples will taking benefits from these blog !!!

Even i am not aware of these thing & i am searching for these but now my doubt should be clear.