PakCyberArmy Hacked

As we all know now its 21st century, the whole world had changed. Computers are the daily need of people, all things are done using whether it is chatting, banking, surfing, blogging, many more. Many private files important documents, many more are kept inside Computer, it is good, but there also arises a problem - If someone else is accessing your private information and messing with it. There arises a lots of problem in Computer Security and how to secure it. Hackers used all those vulnerability to gain access to all those private information.

Websites have been a great sources for promoting one's websites, these contains important and confidential data. A hacker might find a vulenerability in it and gain access to all those files and mess with it. That's the bad effect of website.

is a website created by some Elite Hackers from Pakistan. This was from one of the most secure website of Pakistan. It was actually a forum. It was hacked by Indian Cyber Army on Friday May 13th, 2011. The reason behind it was that PakCyberArmy have attacked Indian Cyber Space. They have hacked many Indian Sites like Railways, News, many more. They have Hacked more than 200 websites. As a revenge Indian Cyber Army have hacked their website.

Screenshot of the PakCyberArmy site when it was Hacked

Great site of India Like CBI was also hacked by them, they have also hacked Vijay Mallya's website

Who will win-Indian Hackers or Pakistani Hackers?
The answer is no one. It is not a win or loss situation but it's just a lose lose and lose situation because both Indian websites as well as Pakistani website will be hacked and both the countries have to suffered. Innocent people who have no connection with this war will also suffer due to their hacks.

Please Note: This post by me was not to harm anyone nor to create hatred among people, I have justed posted it as a news. I am not directly or indirectly involved in them. Nor I am supporting anyone.
Feel free to express your feeling and thought for Cyber Wars.
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Hasib said...

yes you are absolutely right because its time to stop this war

Anonymous said...

of course the war should end but Pakistanis --- no 1 cheaters government.... isi helps osma the militry protects him, osma was apparently found in the heart of oak---i.e setting on ur head "pak " need to resolve theier problems before they fight india

lesson learnt for the world from the hole incident is

never believe Pakistan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pak --- = dum !@!#@!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Arslan said...

Not, This Was not hacked....

See It Here, lol.....