How To Change ICON Of Any File

Nowadays, it become very necessary to change the icon of a file whether it is .exe, .jpeg, .gif, .doc, many more. Many programs are there which do the job, but which program to trust? For that I have decided to post this. I have used many programs but none of them work correctly. In many case, after changing the icon of any file, if we carry it to someone else Computer, the modified icon is not visible, the original icon is shown, this is because the icon which was used for changing the original icon was not fully embedded with it.

For permanently changing the icon we need to fully modify & embed it, so that if it is carried by us, it displays the embedded icon.

Importance of Changing Icon:
  • The original icon gets displaced.
  • For customizing the icons.
  • For easier navigation.
  • Grouping similar icons.
  • Used to fool people, used mainly by Hackers to fool their victims.
Tool Of The Trade:
The tool which will be used is Icon Changer from ShellLabsIcon Changer is a wonderful software application that changes the icons easily.

How to use?
Its very to use, but I will give you the instructions on how to use it.
  • Firstly, download Icon Changer from ShellLabs install it.
  • For changing the icon Right-click on the file whose icon is to be changed then choose Change Icon from the menu.
  • A window will open, there Icon Changer search for the icons on your System.
  • Choose any desired icon and click on set.
  • A pop-up will appear with two options - 1. Change embedded icon & 2. Adjust Window to display custom icon. Choose the first one i.e., Change embedded icon
  • The icon gets changed.
Hope you all will like and use it. Pass your comments below.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome. Great Keep it up..

Anonymous said...

nice one.......

Anonymous said...

i have to buy the full version ???

Shadab said...

@Anonymous Yes, you have to buy the full version, or else search for some free icon changer :)

Anonymous said...

doesn't work man!!!
at least in my machine
i wanta change the icon of a exe file,
any other suggestions?