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People are very much familiar with several Operating Systems, technology and invention have been so far developed that people can as well use two or more Operating Systems in their system, day after day new new inventions are made, not only in the field of Computer but also in other fields, everyday, a new history is recorded. In Computer's, there are several Operating System, but which to use? Are you confused with this question? Well, the answer for this question depends on your needs, as per your choice, for this reason and all, i am publishing this post.

First of all,
What is an Operating System?
An Operating System is a set of programs developed by professional programmers/computer experts, which uses different types of computer hardware connected to it, to provide general function, to the user. It is most important for computer because without it, no computer application or other program can be run inside it. It acts as a communicator between user and computer hardware functions, Operating Systems are found in every computer device, from a cell phone to super computer, etc.

Some Features Of Operating System
  • Kernel: It provides the most basic level of control over Computer Hardware and memory.
  • Multitasking- Most of the OS come with this feature of multitasking, due to this we can do a lots of work simultaneously.
  • Networking- With the help of this we can connect to all other networks over Internet.
  • User-Interface- A good OS provide awesome interface to the user, which enables them to communicate with OS.
  • Security- Security is mostly needed for these OS, to provide a better service to user and many more.
Operating Systems used nowadays,
Here, I am providing some of the Operating System most commonly used nowadays and are very much popular among users,

Linux: Linux is a Unix Like computer operating system. Linux runs on a variety of computer hardware, including mobile phones, televisions, supercomputer, etc. Linux is a leading server Operating System, and runs the 10 fastest computer in the world. It is a free and open source software, you an modify its source codes freely, and also redistribute it. Some Linux Os are Ubuntu, Red hat, Fedora, etc.

Microsoft Windows: Microsoft Windows is a series of Windows Operating System. This is one of the most popular Operating system among the people of this world, due to its easy handling and GUI, most of the people use this OS. It cannot be redistributed , and it is also not a open source software, you cannot modify it freely. Microsoft have also built some Operating for mobile phones, which they generally call Windows Phones. Some Windows based OS are, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.

Mac OS: Mac OS is a type of Operating System developed by Apple Inc. This is mostly used among the people of high class computer professionals such as software engineers, etc. The whole structure of this OS is very different from other OS. Some Mac OS are Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X panther , etc.

Other OS are BSD, Chromium OS, etc.

For Mobile Phones,

Symbian: Symbian is a mobile operating system, for smart-phones It has many version like Symbian One, Symbian Two, Symbian Anna, etc. It's an awesome OS for mobile phones. Nokia smart-phones mostly have this Operating System.

Android: Android is a Mobile OS, for Tablet Computers and also for smart-phones, it was originally developed by some other company but, later Google purchased it. It supports many awesome features, like video calling, screen capture, tethering, etc. Some Android OS versions are Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, etc.

There are also many other mobile OS like iOS from Apple for I-Pad, I-Phone and I-Pod, webOS from HP, OS developed by Microsoft, etc.

Image comparing Mobile OS

I hope you all like this post, if you know any other Operating System which are nowadays popular, or OS which you use, post it in comment and let others know about them too.

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