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After my post on Facebook Chat Without Opening Any Browser, Today I am going to show you how to send fake emails. Ya fake emails, I know many of you ask this can we send Emails with others name, or other email address, ya you are right you can do this here. 
For those who didn't know what is fake mail for them I am discussing some terms related to them below.

What is Fake Mail?
A fake mail is mail in simple word a anonymous email. A fake mail is a mail in which the sender can send this mail to anyone without mention his/her original ID. 

Yes the site is Embei's Fake Mailer

This site looks like this.
Here you can give any Name, Email ID, Subject, Text.
Name- This is the option from which the mail is to be send.
Email-ID- Here you can give any Email-ID as per your choice.
To- This is important as here you have to give the recipient's Email address.
Subject- Anything as per your choice.
Text- Anything as want to write and send it to the victim.
And many other option as your per your requirement.

Note: This post was only for Educational purpose. So remember don't use it for any illegal purpose or you only will be responsible. 

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AKHIL said...


Faiz Muhammd Khan said...

delightful post !

Anonymous said...

gud one bro..

Anonymous said...

bro,i got this error.How do i remove this error."This message may not have been sent by:

me said...

i tried this site and it works, good one. but i think google recognizes it and that's why in the beginning of the email it says 'this email may have not been sent by ...' so as long as the person receiving it doesn't see it, you're good.