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Another worthy post for Dark-Hackerz readers, in this I will show you "How to update your Facebook status via Calculator / NASA Satellite / Trojan Horse / etc / etc". With a rapid growing popularity among people about Facebook. it is really an awesome trick to fool your friends. You must have seen many status updates via fishy devices like calculator, iron, NASA Satellite, many more, now you would be thinking that "How is it possible?", in reality it is of-course not possible but still you can update your status by playing a trick. The trick is very simple, cool, and very effective.

There are two ways which I have found by which you can update your status with these comical devices, one is very easy, you can do so using a website which allow you to do so, another is by using Facebook API keys (API key is an unique code that is assigned to the Facebook Apps when they are created). So, lets move on discussing them in detail.

Look at the above image

Method 1
There is a website which allow Facebook users to update their status via amusing devices. The site contains a huge collection of cool gadget for updating the status. This method is pretty splendid.

  • Firstly visit this site: FunnyFacebook
  • There are two option for updating, first to update the status using their devices and second to do so by creating your own device.
  • I will be discussing the first method only, as if you want to create your own device, the site will direct or give instruction regarding this, to you.
  • Click on "Browse For More Funny Devices..."
  • You will see different categories and device names, choose any one from there, You can also use the search box there to find other devices too.
  • After then Click on "Update Via Device Name", "Device Name" will be changed with name of your device which you had selected.
  • Then a Pop-up will emerge, write your status there and click on Share.
Hurray! You have updated your text. Thats all, visit your profile and see the magic. 

Method 2
This method involves the using of Facebook API keys, it much same like the above method. This method is much more interesting as in this we will be doing the update by ourself.

  • Open a new tab in your browser.
  • Now copy and paste this in the URL Address field:
https://www.facebook.com/dialog/feed?_path=feed&app_id=API _Key

  • Replace the 'API _Key' with a valid Facebook API key (A list of API keys are provided below).
  • A page will load, there write your status and at last click on Share.
List Of Some Facebook API Keys

Skynet (249284985083592)
iPhone (6628568379)
Blackberry (2254487659)
Palm (7081486362)
Sidekick (21810043296)
Sony Ericsson (38125372145)
Xbox LIVE (5747726667)
iPad (112930718741625)
Foursquare (86734274142)
Telegram (140881489259157)
Carrier Pigeon (130263630347328)
Morse Code (134929696530963)
Message in a Bottle (123903037653697)
Commodore 64 (138114659547999)
Your moms computer (132386310127809)
TRS-80 (134998549862981)
K.I.T.T. (129904140378622)
Mind Computer Interface (121111184600360)
eyePhone (110455835670222)
toaster (203192803063920)
microwave (0a5266c8844a1b09211e7eb38242ac2f)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (235703126457431)
Gameboy Color (180700501993189)
GoD (256591344357588)
Glade Air Freshner (4aeb4db2e8df1cdb7f952b2269afb560)
Strawberry (a4c9fb1708a848c2241674531176209b)
The moon (221826277855257)
Dr. Pepper (eea90d40e1d12565695dbbbdbd5e965b)
Nintendo wii (243870508973644)
Alcohol (250335888312118)
Cheese (218791271497130)
iPod Nano (142039005875499)
Nintendo 64 (236264753062118)
Microsoft Excel (242740155751069)
Linux Ubuntu (220593361311050)
iPhone 5g (211333348912523)
My Bedroom (174811032586879)
Your Mums Bedroom (5f64bbc9ac2f12b983200925da461322)
Lamp (230755826955133)
Your moms anus (b625297b655f0b46c86b68f754b82121)
Refrigerator (250828364944350)
A potato (127926427295267)
Nasa Satellite (31d608d30292175bf7703149699ccb39)
Vibrator (eb4c6d1a60e19a7795da501e1f468035)
Sperm Whale (170318539700306)
Pogo Stick (185103391549701)
Banana Phone (1477a4cd29ec724a3de19be5d26e0389)
Google+ (4d8243dbb7064f88351fe6c809582320)
The Future (108372819220732)
Smoke Signal (134138923334682)
tin cans connected by string (242191299125647)
Pokedex (de3da265cf6976745bb1d60a8c198151)
Telepathy (ea01a57edb26cf1de143f09d45cfa913)
Typewriter (d3d554bf60297cb2c384e3d7cf5a066d)
Harry Potter (b8ebeb983f45eaa0bd5f4f66cad97654)
TARDIS (200439256674396)
Pip Boy (142806259133078)
Mind Control (1dc633368924b3b0b4d08e3f83230760)
Jedi Mind Control (240597869302110)
Telekinesis (224139600960217)
Post-It Note (115227201900831)
GLaDOS (246126362083515)
Ansible (185474028180003)
W.O.P.R (228373497202865)
Airwolf (123944137696757)
HMCS Belafonte (222345601140304)
Hogwarts (2dc1d3004dbc4a67c4b552be3c25ccb0)

For instance, If you want to update your status using 'The Moon' just copy the API key, and paste it in the API key field like this:


I hope you really enjoy this post and will surely use it and also will fool your friends. But remember all these tricks can be done only when you are 'Logged In' in your Facebook Account.

Please comment below to let me know if this really was informative and you all like it too.
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Np said...

hey bro ... bt i hav one question !!
Q: we can set our status as u told but how can we comment on status and photo comment like 'via apple,alcohol,eyephone' etc... ..
rply soon ..

Shadab said...

@Np As far as I know, this is not possible, but still I will try to find any way to do so, and if get success will definitely post it.......

Aftermorning Productions said...

ok hw can i post to facebook group with iphone signature?

Techwales said...

wow ! its very help full for me

ndark said...

@Aftermorning Productions its simple just get that group id and do same method as above

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Anonymous said...

thanks bro to share the knowledge.

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wow thank-you so much :)