Renaming Recycle Bin

What if your Recycle Bin gets renamed by any other desired name as you like other than the default one? It would be an amazing one if its really happened, yes it can really happened by just a simple trick which I have discussed below.  It will help you in fooling others, but be careful while you are renaming as you will have to edit some registry contents, and as you know Registry is so much important for a Windows PC such that if any of the registry value is changed and it doesn't suit the original value, the whole Window will crashed.

Something About Recycle Bin:
Files/folders after deletion from its actual location goes to a special folder called Recycle Bin. Its a place where all the deleted files are stored and can be recycled. In a normal Window version you will be find that it is named as Recycle Bin, in Linux its called Trash Can.

Heres the procedure on 'How to rename the Recycle Bin?', Follow it correctly as it is said:

  • Start, Run, 'Regedit'.
  • Press 'Ctrl'+'F' to open find box and type 'Recycle Bin' to search.
  • Change any value data with 'Recycle Bin' to whatever name you want to give it ( ie, like 'Trash Can' or 'Dump' etc).
  • Press F3 to continue searching for 'Recycle Bin' and change wherever you come across 'Recycle Bin' to new its new name.
  • Repeat step 4 until you have finished with searching and changed all values to its new name.
  • Close regedit and hit F5 on desktop to see the new name on screen.

Note: As a good practice, always backup your registry before changing anything although changing 'Recycle Bin' name is a simple tweak and doesnt affect anything else.
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