Create A Zip-Bomb

A Zip-Bomb is a simple malicious software which are nowadays, used by the Hackers to crash one's PC, Zip-bombs are files usually of small size but when extracted they will cover a very large area of  harddisk. These can be used on victim's Computer to annoy them by covering large disk space. Zip-Bombs are very simple to create, one can easily create it by the following method:

Create a new file with name Zip.txt
Open it and type null characters in it like pressing ALT+255. Then select it and copy and paste it several times. After, save that file and copy the Zip.txt file and paste it in the same directory.

Now open Command Prompt and go to the directory where you have make Zip.txt
There type:

  copy /b *.txt Zip1.txt

Then all the contents of Zip.txt file will be written in Zip1.txt.
After that again copy Zip1.txt file and paste it several times into the same directory.
Then repeat the same process unless you get a big file.

Now after that when you are done open Winrar and compress the file, you will see that after compressing the file the size of it will be very small.

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