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Boosting Computer Speed have become a very serious problem all around the world. Computer Maintenance are nowadays a serious headache for people. If you are running a Windows computer then it is very likely that your System will run too slow. There are many reasons responsible for retarding the speed of your PC. Temporary files present on the disk, large files & folders, fragmented registry files, many more are responsible for slackening the speed.

I have find a wonderful software which will do the job and accelerate the speed by about 1000%, I have also tested this on my PC, and its works like a charm. I will also recommend it to you.
That wonderful software is AVG PC Tuneup. 

About AVG PC Tuneup:
I know you have surely heard about AVG Anti-Virus? Yes, AVG, you already know that how AVG Anti-virus protects your Computer, now they have come with this new product i.e., AVG PC Tuneup. Its a great program for fixing Computer bugs and Tweaking.

  • It fixes all the Registry Errors
  • Optimize Internet Connection
  • Protects Privacy
  • Improve Disk Speed
  • Monitor Hard Drive Health
  • Tracks Space Usage, Disk Explore
  • Recover Deleted Files
  • Deletes Junk Files From Computer
  • Erase History
  • Defragment Disks
  • Disable Unnecessary Services
  • Tweaks And Customize Computer
  • Also Have Uninstall Manager
  • Many more.....
You can buy it from here.

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